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das momentane Geschehen in der Formel 1 - Grand Prix - Neuigkeiten - eigene Meinung.
Hierbei wichtig zu erwähnen: Red Bull Racing und Sebastian Vettel Fan ist am Werk.

Heute wurde Red Bulls 50. Sieg gefeiert (Gratulation an Daniel Ricciardo).
Ich hoffe trotz aller Schwierigkeiten, und obwohl Sebastian im Moment das schwarze Schaf zu sein scheint (dem das Pech immer mehr aberkannt wird), dass alle daran denken: Sebastian Vettel ist für 38 davon verantwortlich.


It’s mind boggling to think Vettel alone won 38 of those.

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Sebastian congratulating Daniel and the team | Hungarian GP 2014

What gets me about this is that Seb declines sitting at the front. He puts himself in the background because it’s Dan’s moment and he doesn’t want to take anything away from that.

I don’t doubt that he is insanely frustrated with his season so far but it really warms my heart to see him being so mature and thoughtful about it. Nice one, Seb.

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I don’t really care what you say or the papers write. It doesn’t lead anywhere. All of the papers are so full of shit.
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Your move on Fernando, I tell you what, big set of balls to go wheel to wheel with him through Woodcote.
Christian Horner (team radio to Seb)

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Sebastian Vettel is back in shape. He is absolutely back.
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